Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

Pregnancy Massage is here at Ginseng!

Pregnancy massage Brisbane –  working in Women’s health to support the health of the expectant Mum and baby.

We are a small clinic on Brisbane’s Northside offering pregnancy massage to anyone needing either remedial massage work, or just some time-out for a relaxation-style massage.

Our massage therapist, Tandra, has over 15 years experience in all styles of massage – from rehabilitation and remedial massage, through to lymphatic & pregnancy massage. She is a member of the Australian Massage Therapist Association and is able to offer health rebates for remedial

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What is Pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage often refers to any massage that happens during or after pregnancy ( pre-natal or post-natal massage). The massage lasts approximately 1 hour and typically has the patient laying on her side, bolstered and propped with pillows as required.


What are the possible benefits?

There is not a huge amount of published high quality research surrounding massage during pregnancy, but some of the benefits may include:

  • less low back and leg pain
  • improved sleep
  • less anxiety
  • decrease in the levels of stress hormones.


What happens in the clinic before my treatment?

Amongst other things, we ask that you advise us if your pregnancy has been deemed high-risk by your Western doctor, or if you have had a history of either bleeding or blood clots during your pregnancy. You will be given a full health history to fill in before your massage so our therapist is aware of your current health condition and any areas of concern, including any areas you feel you need attention (such as neck, shoulders etc).

As always, you should be under the care of your usual physician and have had a conversation about whether massage is appropriate for you and your pregnancy.

If you would like to feel the benefits of pregnancy massage for yourself, or for a friend, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the clinic on 3357 3205



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