Remedial Massage in Brisbane


Remedial Massage Brisbane

Assess, treat and reassess. Remedial Massage therapy is now at Ginseng.

Remedial Massage Job Opportunity


We are looking for a dedicated remedial massage therapist to join us! If you are passionate about your work and the care of your patients, then please introduce yourself to us!

We pride ourselves on being a small, reputable clinic, dedicated to improving the health of our patients.

Please call us or make an inquiry through the contact form on our site.





If you have been looking for Remedial Massage in Brisbane, then we are happy to help!

Remedial massage therapy is coming to Ginseng. We are a small, reputable clinic here in Stafford, on Brisbane’s North Side.

We offer –

remedial massage

pregnancy massage

lymphatic massage &

relaxation massage.

Remedial massage therapy is a great accompaniment to our acupuncture & Chinese Medicine services. Our highly qualified, and experienced massage therapist
Tandra Jensen, has over 15 years experience. You will be in very experienced hands.


Remedial Massage Brisbane

What is remedial Massage:

Remedial massage therapy is just as its name implies, a remedial type of massage that aims to assist the body to recover from pain and/or dysfunction.

Remedial massage is performed in order to bring normal function to a muscle group, joint or limb – restoring good blood flow, lymph, and helping to clear debris or inflammation  in the area as a result of trauma or chronic injury.

All remedial therapists are required to have been through considerable study. They require a good understanding of anatomy in order to help their patients out of pain.  Tandra is fully qualified and is a member of the Australian Massage Therapist Association.


What happens during your treatment?

Our remedial massage therapist will assess your current set of symptoms, how they first appeared, how long they have been bothering you, and what other sorts of treatment you have had – and what effect those treatments may have had.


You will be advised of a treatment plan based on your current complaint. A treatment plan not only lays out both the number of treatments advised to help your complaint, but also any changes or additions to your lifestyle. You might be given some suggestions around your work routine, such a simple stretches to perform after sitting for hours at a desk.  You might be given very specific types of stretches to help give your injury the best chance at full recovery.


Who Uses Remedial Massage Therapy?

  • Anyone who is seeking professional massage help
  • Anyone who has an acute or chronic injury, and would like the use of remedial massage to help them correct this issue, and restore proper functioning.
  • People of all ages
  • Sports persons or weekend warriors
  • Pregnant women (see our page on Pregnancy massage for more)


What are the benefits of remedial Massage Therapy:

Increasingly, massage has been involved in various research trials (1) to help understand its effect on a wide range of illness and ailments.


The following is a list of conditions that massage has shown to have positive effects on:

  •        Fibromyalgia
  •        Musculoskeletal pain
  •        Cancer patients
  •         Anxiety
  •         Lower Back pain
  •         Pregnancy/Labour/Post Natal
  •         Headache and migraine
  •         Arthritis
  •         People living with HIV
  •         Pre and post operative patients (1).


If you would like some help with your current set of symptoms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on the clinic landline – 3357 3205, or book online using the link below.








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