Male fertility treatments in Brisbane

Male fertility treatments in Brisbane. We use acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in our efforts to resolve poor morphology, poor motility and low sperm count. Our goal is to improve your overall wellbeing and increase your natural fertility to improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Did you know that male factor infertility is a component in up to 40% of cases where couples have not been able to fall pregnant? There’s a broad range of factors that may lead to male infertility from a Western viewpoint. Busy lifestyles, pollutants, poor diets and autoimmune issues may contribute to male infertility. Whilst these these may contribute, it’s also true that many times there is no clear cause (1).

Whilst we have some research to help shine some light on the positive effect acupuncture and Chinese medicine can have on sperm health ( motility, morphology and motility ) (2-5),  we lack evidence from  the gold-standard systematic reviews (6) – meaning that when you look at all of the randomised controlled trials to date, some authors have found positive results whilst others were unclear.

As acupuncturists, we will always diagnose using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in order to bring you the individual back to the best state of health possible. We will always look at the research that has been applied to date and integrate this into our treatment protocol for you, with transparency.

Male fertility, in TCM terms, can be somewhat dependent on lifestyle factors – including nutrition and diet, weather conditions, past and current work history, history of traumatic injuries and stress (1). Because so many sub fertile men are appearing now with no apparent cause to their low sperm count, motility etc,  we will assess the cause of your fertility issues  from a TCM perspective in order to determine the best way forward. Using our traditional methods of diagnosis, we will always come to a clear ‘pattern’ or diagnosis before presenting a way forward.


What to do first? 

To ascertain the health of your sperm,  the first step for men is to have their semen tested (arranged through their GP or specialist). Most often, men coming to see us will already have these results.

Your doctor or specialist may discover that you are presenting with any one or more of the following:

Low Sperm Count
– laboratory tests will confirm sperm counts in million per millilitre. A count below 20 million per millilitre is considered low.The WHO ( World Health Organisation considers 15 million as their lower limit. Clearly here the aim is to increase your sperm count through acupuncture and Chinese herbs (2-5).

Low Semen volume
– more than 1.5 millilitres of ejaculate (7)

Poor Motility
– essentially how well the sperm can swim! For the sperm to make it to the egg it must be a strong swimmer. To achieve fertilisation, 50% of the swimmers must swim within the normal limits (7).

Poor Morphology
– refers to the shape and structure of the sperm. Ideally, more than 4% of the sperm will be of normal morphology(1-5). 

Testicular issues
– small testicles may produce lesser amounts of both testosterone and sperm. Decreased or small amounts of testosterone may create a decreased sense of libido and perhaps a degree of sexual dysfunction.

– previous infections may play a part in decreasing the motility of sperm

essentially, a twisted vein drains blood from the teste and may prevent natural cooling of the testes which may, in turn, damage the sperm

Ejaculatory ducts
– blockage of the ducts which carry the semen and sperm may occur from prior surgery or from an inherent blockage since birth.

Autoimmune issues
– key factors in relation to a man’s sperm and semen are sperm motility, morphology, liquefaction, count and volume. Autoimmune conditions can affect any or all of these factors.

– post-ejaculation, the semen containing the sperm dissolves so that the sperm can begin their swim towards the egg. Poor or slow liquefaction impedes their ability to do so, and may represent an abnormality of the seminal vesicles.

Premature ejaculation
– regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs have shown improvement for premature ejaculation when compared to usual treatment and sham acupuncture  (8,9).


If you would like to discuss any aspect of  your male fertility issues then please do not hesitate to call me on 3357 3205.

 I operate from my busy acupuncture clinic here in Brisbane as well as lecturing occasionally in the Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture degree. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.




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