Dry Needling in North Brisbane

Dry Needling in North Brisbane

Have you been looking for Dry Needling in North Brisbane?

Dry Needling in North Brisbane

Dry Needling help in Brisbane

Firstly, let’s talk about dry needling.   Is it the same as acupuncture?

Dry needling involves inserting fine needles into knots or trigger points within muscles.

Originally, hypodermic needles were used to insert into muscles to help promote a trigger response and leaving the muscle in a more ‘relaxed’ state. The ‘dry’ aspect of ‘dry needling’ refers to the fact that no liquid was being injected into the muscle.

Your practitioner is often guided by you initially.  During a consultation they might hear you say “I have a really big knot in my trap”, or “my glutes are really firing and giving me nerve pain down my leg”. They’ll then palpate (press and prod) through the muscular tissue to find sore or knotty spots.

Sticking needles into sore spots sounds like acupuncture, right?


Um, yes.

Let’s talk about that some more.

Acupuncture has used dry needling techniques for over 2000 years.  However, we use a different language and an entirely different way of diagnosing and treating.

Yes, we will still be very interested in where your pain is, and yes, we’ll still palpate the area to see what knots or tender points we can find.

One of the differences between what an acupuncturist does and what a ‘dry-needler’ does is in the diagnosis and then how we treat.

You see for us, the knot or tender spot does not just exist on its own. It is an area of stagnation that sits on one ( or more ) of the acupuncture channels.   Clearing knots and areas of stagnation is much more complicated than just sticking a needle into the area, we believe.

We take into account the entire pathway that is being obstructed – which is why even though you may come in with a sore trapezius, we will often place needles in the outer aspect of your foot.  Why?  Because we know that the top of the trap is an area that the Gallbladder channel runs over – so to clear the blockage on this channel, we will need not only points at the site of the blockage,  but also points further away on the channel .

These ‘distal points’ away from the injured site work as traffic cops, and often have a more powerful influence over clearing the area than just using the local points alone.  Like traffic cops, they help redirect traffic away from the injured site and keep energy moving through the channel.

Does a dry needler know to do this?    No.

Why?  Because they have completed what is most often a 2-4 day coursein using acupuncture needles, and do not work with acupuncture channels.

So you have only done a 3 day course?     NO!

Acupuncturists have completeda 4 year Health Science degree with many hundreds of hours in a clinical setting using acupuncture needles on real patients. I should know, not only have I completed this 4 year course, but I have also supervised new undergraduate students within the student clinics.

So, lets recap.

Our acupuncturists are able to offer dry needling in North Brisbane, and do so having studied and trained in a clinical setting for 4 years.

We are fully paid members of AHPRA, the chief governing body that registers Health Professionals.  You are welcome to check our registration through the AHPRA website.

Are people offering dry needling qualified acupuncturists?

Not unless they can offer you their registrations under AHPRA as a qualified acupuncturist.

Is my physio a qualified acupuncturist?

Not unless they can offer you their registrations under AHPRA as a qualified acupuncturist.

Is my massage therapist a qualified acupuncturist?

Not unless they can offer you their registrations under AHPRA as a qualified acupuncturist.

Is dry needling covered under my private health?

 If you are covered for acupuncture, and the service is given by a qualified acupuncturist, then you will receive your rebate from your private health insurer.

If you really are looking for dry needling in North Brisbane, please get in touch! Either John,  Jacinta or Laura can help.

You can find us by calling the clinic on 3357 3205.

Dry Needling North Brisbane

Dry Needling North Brisbane

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