Dry Needling in North Brisbane

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Dry Needling in North Brisbane Have you been looking for Dry Needling in North Brisbane? Dry Needling help in Brisbane Firstly, let’s talk about dry needling.   Is it the same as acupuncture? Dry needling involves inserting fine needles into knots or trigger points within muscles. Originally, hypodermic needles were used to [...]

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

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Pregnancy Massage Brisbane Pregnancy Massage is here at Ginseng! Pregnancy massage Brisbane -  working in Women’s health to support the health of the expectant Mum and baby. We are a small clinic on Brisbane’s Northside offering pregnancy massage to anyone needing either remedial massage work, or just some time-out for a relaxation-style massage. [...]

Cupping and massage therapy

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Cupping therapy: Brisbane acupuncture clinic Cupping Cupping is an ancient practice used within Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Traditionally, a flame is used to create a vacuum within a glass cup, which is then quickly transferred onto the patient's skin. This traditional method is one which we still adhere to in the clinic today, here [...]

Acupuncture Neck Pain in Brisbane

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Acupuncture in Brisbane: Neck Pain  The human body is an incredible piece of design. How we manage to do half the things that it enables us to do is really still very surprising to me. It does however have its limits. As someone who has suffered severe neck pain as a result of an injury [...]

Acupuncture Brisbane – TMJ pain

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Acupuncture aims to unblock the flow of Qi in and around the joint, in an attempt to help ease the pain Temperomandibular disorders, commonly called TMJ, are characterised by pain in the jaw joint and surrounding tissues. It often limits movements within the joint, making small tasks like chewing, yawning or laughing problematic. [...]