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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

John is a registered practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brisbane.

Chinese herbal medicine has evolved over a few thousand years to become a sophisticated form of medicine which recognises philosophy, art and nature.

As part of their study, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners must study disease processes from a Western point of view – this is a huge part of modern Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine degrees.  With people choosing to integrate Western and Eastern medicine, this has become an integral and important part of our study.

Diagnosis from a Chinese medical viewpoint, however, is about recognising a pattern of disharmony within Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood. By doing so,  as TCM practitioners we believe we address the symptoms of your disharmony AND the root cause.

“Do you think the most intelligent use of any sort of medicine is for prevention?”


Whilst this may be true, disease is ever present in our modern society – eradicating the imbalance to resolve the disease is our goal. Chinese herbal medicine looks to assess all of your signs and and symptoms, your tongue coat and the quality of your pulse in order to assess the balance of the Yin and Yang energies within the body, and to ultimately, treat the ‘root’ of your imbalance.

By treating your pattern, we may choose a set of acupuncture points and herbal formula to relieve  your low back pain –  which may be a different set of acupuncture points and herbs we use to treat your friend’s low back pain. This is the beauty of Chinese herbal medicine, we observe each  individual,  rather than observing the disease name itself.


Why are we different to the Western way of looking at disease?

We both have good intentions. I’m a fan of Western medicine too.

Where we differ is in our view of disease and the patient in relation to that disease. For example, Western medicine may diagnose an issue with your liver and delve deeply into the state of the liver tissues, the state of the cells and so on. This is a reductionist approach and is useful in so many ways, especially in terms of biopsies and medical screening. Love it.

In the absence of pathological tissue disease like cirrhosis, our Eastern approach may diagnose an issue with the energetic functioning of your liver. Why is the liver not in free-flow? What emotions are causing it to stagnate or to heat up? How is this affecting other organs close by, like the stomach and spleen?


What are Chinese herbs?

Chinese herbal medicine has a very long history spanning over 2000 years. Our medicine is rooted in the relationship between ourselves and nature. Integral to this, is bringing our body back into a state of balance through the use of herbs found in our natural environment.

In their original natural form, Chinese herbs may take the shape of leaves, twigs, roots, shells, or minerals to name a few.

Herbs are mostly combined into formulas. Formulas allow for the inclusion of specific herbs to help specific organs or ailments. Our aim is to design a formula which balances the entire body based on our diagnosis.


How are the herbs dispensed?

We use a mixture of pills capsules and granules. Granules are  dissolved in hot water and taken twice a day.


If I don’t want acupuncture, can I just use Chinese herbs?

Yes you can, but in keeping with the spirit of how Chinese Medicine is approached,  some regular check-ups along the way are essential to ensure we give you the most appropriate herbs at any given time. It is important to adjust your herbal therapy as you and your energy change throughout treatment.


Are you qualified?

Yes. I am registerd through AHPRA as both Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. This means I am legally registered in diagnosing, preparing and mixing specific Chinese Herbal preparations to suit your exact condition. Please ask each practitioner you see if they are qualified through AHPRA or check their qualifications under the AHPRA website –


Who comes to see me? 

Anyone interested in improving their health.
I help service the areas of Lutwyche, Clayfield, Gordon Park, Nundah, Ascot, Wooloowin, Grange, Hamilton, Kedron, Wavell Heights, Newstead, Fortitude Valley, Keperra, Newmarket, Nudgee, Stafford, Stafford Heights, Wavell Heights and well beyond.


My registration details:         John Taylor Registration number: CMR0001727294

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