Dry Needling in North Brisbane

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Dry Needling in North Brisbane Have you been looking for Dry Needling in North Brisbane? Dry Needling help in Brisbane Firstly, let’s talk about dry needling.   Is it the same as acupuncture? Dry needling involves inserting fine needles into knots or trigger points within muscles. Originally, hypodermic needles were used to [...]

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

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Pregnancy Massage Brisbane Pregnancy Massage is here at Ginseng! Pregnancy massage Brisbane -  working in Women’s health to support the health of the expectant Mum and baby. We are a small clinic on Brisbane’s Northside offering pregnancy massage to anyone needing either remedial massage work, or just some time-out for a relaxation-style massage. [...]

Back Pain and Acupuncture in Brisbane

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Back Pain Treatment in Brisbane I see many many patients with some form of back pain in my clinic. Not all from the same cause and not all presenting in exactly the same way,  but all of them giving grief to the patient. We have many tools at our disposal to treat back pain. Most [...]