Relaxation Massage In Brisbane

Relaxation Massage in Brisbane

Relaxation Massage Brisbane

Relax and unwind in our Brisbane Clinic

Looking for a quality relaxation massage in Brisbane?
Our Relaxation Massage Therapist, Tandra,  has built her reputation over the past 15 years using an array of massage styles and techniques – from Swedish through to Remedial.

Relaxation massage gives you and your body some time to de-stress, unwind and drift away to your happy-place for an hour! Our small, patient-focused clinic in Brisbane offers ample free street-parking, after hours appointments and a safe place to come and unwind.

What makes a relaxation massage, a relaxation massage?

Whilst it is true that both relaxation massage and remedial massage share some of the same massage techniques, a relaxation massage mostly involves massage of the whole body, perhaps even the head and face. The aim is to allow the patient to

Massage Therapist Brisbane

Sandra has over 15 years experience in massage

unwind and enjoy some of the feel-good effects that massage can bring. Swedish massage is often seen as the most common and poplar style of relaxation massage, though many therapists will combine other techniques from additional training they have undergone, and from their own experience in the industry.

Remedial style massage is often focused more-so on an specific aspect of the body – say, a painful shoulder or sore lower back.  If you are uncertain as to whether you might benefit from a relaxation or remedial style massage, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – 3357 3205.





Some of the benefits of a relaxation massage?

  • It promotes a feeling of wellbeing, thanks to the release of endorphins ( the feel good neurotransmitters ), and  a reduction in chemicals associated with stress and hyperstimulation,  such as cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.
  • Massage can affect circulation, increasing blood flow to tired or sore muscle groups
  • Massage can also relieve symptoms from our modern-day work life – soreness and stiffness from sitting at a desk, or from standing all day at work.
  • Massage can also improve sleep and benefit immunity.


The Australian Massage Therapists Association has a great page containing some up to date research on some of the benefits of massage – you might like to check it out here.


If you have been wanting to book a relaxation massage in Brisbane, then please feel free to call us here at our clinic,  or to ask any questions you might have – 3357 3205.


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