Unexplained infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility and Life Events:

Why are we infertile? This is one of the most intriguing and frustrating questions any woman or couple will ask themselves. Through our clinical work here, we have met a lot of women, and men, suffering through the high emotional impact that a diagnosis of ‘infertility’ can have.  ‘Unexplained infertility’ is one of the most frustrating diagnosis a couple can be given. So what does it mean?

Unexplained infertility simply means that there has been no medical investigation or explanation which can account for a couples inability to conceive over the past 12 months ( assuming frequent unprotected intercourse has taken place – every 2-3 days ). This means hormone levels are within normal range, reproductive ducts are fee from obstructions and sperm quality and quantity are within normal ranges.

One of the core differences between Western medical models and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) models is the way we account for the emotional impact on the health of a person. Whilst there is no doubt that the West is becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact of stress and stressors on the body, TCM has more than two thousand years of empirical knowledge in relation to how our emotions can interfere with the regulation of our Qi, or energy. In fact, we rarely separate the physical body from the emotional.

To this end, major life events or sudden shocks can cause disruptions to the channel connections between our organs, leaving a ‘gap’ if you like between the Heart, the Uterus and the Kidneys. This energetic gap is extremely important to us as practitioners when dealing with fertility patients, as any break in the energetic pathways of the meridians can be problematic for couples trying to conceive, according to TCM.

This is why we love to gather information about our patients in terms of ‘their story’. “Have you been through a really tough time of late”?   “Have you suffered any major traumatic events over the past few years”?   As you reveal yourself, we gain valuable insight into areas or meridians of Qi-flow in your body that may need addressing or reconnecting in some way.

Western medicine of course does not acknowledge the existence of the meridians between your vital organs, but acupuncturists do. We have a long history of writing about these types of subtle energetic disharmonies. How can we help reconnect these channels to help our patients. Not just in a way which may aid in improving their fertility, but in a way to help them  feel better within themselves.

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