Constipation helped through Chinese herbs

Hemp Seed Pill eases constipation

“Hemp Seed Pill (HSP, [Ma Zi Ren Wan]) can improve the symptoms of patients suffering from functional constipation (FC). Researchers from Hong Kong carried out a rigorously designed two-part study to assess the efficacy of HSP in treating FC. In trial I, involving 96 subjects, the optimal dosage of HSP was determined from among three doses (2.5g, 5.0g and 7.5g, twice daily). A dose of 7.5g twice daily showed the best therapeutic effect and was therefore selected for comparison with placebo. In trial II, 120 subjects diagnosed by TCM criteria to be suffering from constipation caused by an excess pattern were randomised into HSP and placebo arms. Responder rates for the HSP vs placebo groups were 43.3 vs 8.3% at the end of eight weeks of treatment and 30.0 vs 15.0% at eight week follow-up. Those in the HSP group showed improvements in terms of increased complete spontaneous bowel movements, relief in the severity of constipation and straining of evacuation, and effective reduction in the use of rescue therapy, when compared with placebo. (Efficacy of a Chinese Herbal Proprietary Medicine (Hemp Seed Pill) for Functional Constipation. Am J Gastroenterol. 2010 Nov 2. [Epub ahead of print]).”

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